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School & Community Programs - Drum Cafe NY

School & Community Programs


A fundamental goal of the Drum Cafe program in schools is to help foster a climate where all members of the faculty, students and staff experience a true sense of belonging and feel valued.  Our programs empower people to thrive and contribute their best work. Working and learning in environments where people feel respected and included, impacts how we teach, work, learn and serve in an increasingly diverse world.

“I am speechless! The assembly was outstanding and the students, as well as teachers had a “drumming” good time.  It was more than I ever expected!!!  I hopefully will have the pleasure of having you back next year.”  – Cheryl Chandler, Colts Neck Public Schools, NJ

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    Interactive Assembly

    High-impact, educational and so much fun! We use the power of rhythm as a tool to reduce conflict and create a supportive, empowered network of students. The effect of becoming part of a synchronized drumming orchestra is empowering and emotionally invigorating for all who take part.   Everybody gets back more energy than they put in.  Each participant becomes focused, receptive and connected.  Assemblies can be customized to accommodate cross-curriculum learning as well as key social issues such as bullying.
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    Drum Cafe’s youth development programs promote unity and community building.  We become cohesive and successful as a group.  The powerful effect of this interactive experience builds character and self-esteem. Students are coached to listen and support; to respect and accept differences.  They are guided to find their rhythmic centre as a group, a first step towards collaboration.  The more unified and cohesive we become, the less limited we are.
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    Teachers and students bear enormous stress around academic and athletic performance.  Drum Cafe’s program for faculty de-stresses and enlivens the group.  They feel connected and supportive towards each other.   They are also given rhythmic tools and facilitation skills with which to bring focus and receptivity to their classrooms.
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    Community Building and Faith based events

    To bring an interactive rhythm experience to your community is to strengthen ties and build new connections.  Music making with rhythm is communal and collectively inspiring.   No experience is necessary.  The playing fields are leveled.  Participants feel a sense of health and well being within a supportive environment. This program has been used for youth retreats, congregational events – temples of all denominations, fundraising, athletic and recognition events.