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Entertainment Performance - Drum Cafe NY

Entertainment / Performance

Drum Cafe’s interactive entertainment features world-class artists in unique, inclusive experiences. Our events bring power, surprise, unity and WOW to any occasion.

“…There is something about rhythm as a start which compels one to move with the beat.  This is an exclusively human propensity.  Children spontaneously move to the beat. No animal does so, spontaneously.  There is something about the rhythm of the music that has a dynamic, animating propulsive effect and gets people moving in sympathy with it, and gets people moving in sympathy with one another.  And so the rhythm of music has a strong bonding effect…”  Oliver Sacks MD, Author of “Musicophilia”

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    Drum Cafe elements are strategically placed to unite and energize the gala guests.  Instruments can be branded as a give-away. See our filmed at a Gala event.

    “I wanted to let you know how pleased we were with the Drum Cafe at UNIFEM’s Gala on Saturday. We loved the energy of the drummers and dancers, the fact that the group was so multi-cultural, and the way you lead the crowd. The drums themselves were great, and people really loved playing them.  This really was the perfect way to end the evening.”
    Jenny Drezin – Strategic Partnerships and Communications   UNIFEM

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    The Interactive experience unites the donor community around the fund, creating an atmosphere of collaboration and generosity.  Instruments can be branded as a give-away.
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    Special events

    Customized for parties; conference kick-offs; stadium events; multi-national events: product launch. Give us a call and we discuss all the options.
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    Branded events

    Brand your interactive experience.   Participants get to play drums/instruments branded with your logo.  Drum Cafe is capable of delivering simultaneous interactive events worldwide.
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    Public events - community building/ engagement

    “Bringing the Drum Cafe interactive experience to any community makes people happy and happiness leads to cooperation, generosity and a state of well-being.
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    Drumstruck Theater Show

    “A full stage show as seen on Off-Broadway.  The world’s first fully interactive theater experience!  Every audience member gets to play a drum.  In Africa the performers and audience are never separate.  Music making is communal and collectively inspiring. Call us for more information or check out www.drumstruck.com
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    Cocktail Performances

    Drum Cafe’s multi-cultural pool of musicians create exquisite atmospheres designed around your themes.
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    African Performances

    Open your dinner or event with an authentic African performance of drum and dance.
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    Customized Performances

    Please call us and together we can design an unforgettable experience for your event. We have created interactive performances, multi-cultural performances, branded performances, and we can create a performance for you! See a video of one of our performances.