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Corporate Events - Drum Cafe NY

Corporate Programs

Experience Working Rhythm

Drum Cafe has facilitated almost 2 million business people worldwide, supporting teamwork and organizational change – connecting human capital to company values and objectives.  The Drum Cafe interactive experience engages the group, inspiring innovation and collaboration at all levels.

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    Team training through interactive rhythm based programs. Drum Cafe enriches your training with an experiential, educational element.
    Program duration: 15-70 minutes
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    Breakout Interactive

    A detailed workshop, taking skill acquisition and business analogies to the next level. The group experiences the general session as well as breakout groups for more focused learning.
    Program duration: 120 minutes approximate
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    Keynote Address

    The whole group becomes the motivational speech. We experience interconnection first hand  – all hands, one beat at a time – and facilitate each other’s success.
    Program duration: Customized to fit agenda
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    Branded events

    Package your brand in a feel-good experience
    Simultaneous nationwide/worldwide events.  See sample video, photos and branded instruments for gifting.
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    Drum it Forward - Corporate social responsibility

    •    Buy one, Give one
    Buy one Drum Cafe program and donate one Drum Cafe experience or series of programs, to a local school or group with special needs. Client representatives may join Drum Cafe to present the program.
    •    Donate your branded drums
    The drums you play will be branded with your company logo and some or all, donated to a local school or select group after your event.
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    DrumStick Interactive- 15 minutes to focus

    Align and energize your group in just 15 minutes. You can even do it while standing!  Each person gets a pair of drumsticks to play.  Within minutes the group becomes synchronized, focused and receptive.   Use as a stand-alone program or add-on to the drum program.
    Program duration: 15-25 minutes
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    Symphony of Talent – adding Melody to Rhythm

    Orchestrate your companys success with the addition of Boom Whacker melody tubes as the interactive medium.  Making music is a cooperative, collaborative endeavor.  The group becomes fully engaged and focused – in time, in tune, in only 20 minutes! This module can stand alone or as an add-on to the drum program.
    Program duration: 20-30 minutes
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    Drum Cafe Mondays

    A series of consecutive Monday mornings at the office, aligning working rhythm for the week – all hands, one beat at a time.  Everybody gets back more energy than they put in.  Teams are inspired to collaborate and innovate.
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    Leadership Training

    Participants are coached to take over the leadership role and become responsible for the rhythmic interplay of the group for a period of time.  These experiences leave even veteran executives with lasting impressions and insights.